the Eleventh hour

ok so on on of my prevoius blogs i asled you a question and 1 person sent me the right answer it was the Eleventh hour that 1 person was alice she put it in the comments so thank you


BBC studio dalek trip

Hi! ok so on saturday I went to the BBC studios in London and in the entrance there was a real dalek from the show. It was epic I don’t know if the public can go to see it but if they can……. go see it!!!!!!!!.

So this time lets see if we can get 120 views and a few comments so thanks and bye


DW collector cards

Thanks for leaving your favourite doctor in the comments. Today I am going to talk about a new series of Doctor Who cards there are 153 to collect so check out that there;they came out for there 50th anniversary when you by the folder you will get a special Tardis card with 101 attack and 101 defence stats. So I am going to leave the post with something for you to answer. So 

What is the name of the first episode with Matt Smith in?

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mad about matt


me and matt smith at latitude


Ok so in this post i’m going to talk about people’s favourite doctors. So in the comments leave your favourite doctor and why  . My favourite doctor is Matt Smith because he is always really exited when he meets new life forms and how he reacts to problems. For instance when he was playing chess with himself he used intellect to win back his body which was epic. Plus in 2011 while we were at a music festival(latitude), i met him in person and he was really kind. So to recap please leave a comment about your favourite doctor .Thanks see you next week.

the doctor part 1

ImageAll right, so i’m going to be blogging about the Doctor because doctor who adventures comic has closed because they ran out of money.So i will be getting info about the episodes, companions and the Doctor himself so i will try to get one of these blog posts every week.The Doctor who 50th anniversary is on the 23rd of november so it is the count down for the anniversary.A number of early episodes of Doctor Who, which were believed to have been permanently lost, have been returned to the BBC.First The Day of The Doctor. A 75-minute special episode called The Day Of The Doctor will star the soon-to-leave Matt Smith AND David Tennant.Recently recovered missing Patrick Troughton episodes will be made available digitally later this week i read on radio for reading part 2 will come out next week.