mad about matt


me and matt smith at latitude


Ok so in this post i’m going to talk about people’s favourite doctors. So in the comments leave your favourite doctor and why  . My favourite doctor is Matt Smith because he is always really exited when he meets new life forms and how he reacts to problems. For instance when he was playing chess with himself he used intellect to win back his body which was epic. Plus in 2011 while we were at a music festival(latitude), i met him in person and he was really kind. So to recap please leave a comment about your favourite doctor .Thanks see you next week.


6 thoughts on “mad about matt

  1. Great blog! My favourite Doctor is David Tennant because I think he is funny. And I like his trainers. Matt Smith is my second favourite though, and I wish I had met him too!

  2. Hello, I saw this on Twitter, and your mother asked for some comments for you 😉 so I thought okay; here are mine for you:
    1. Though it is boring to do (and I may sound like a teacher!) spelling and punctuation make it look good, as well as having lists/bullet points/pictures to break up the post.
    2.Some of the pages haven’t been set up- it takes ages to set up a blog (mines , so over time you may want to set them up.
    3. As news comes out about Dr Who, why not blog about it? Have you seen the video for the new episode in November? Why not post the video, and put your thoughts on the post about it?
    4. Why not post your blog link on Twitter/facebook etc? If you don’t have these websites, add it to your emails at the end..
    5. Add an email sign up widget thing- its on your dashboard, settings, widgets..


  3. Hi! I’ve been reading you’re blog this morning, and I like it! My favorite is the 10th, David Tennant. He’s always so funny and happy, until things turn serious, when he gets down to business. The 3rd is my favorite classic Doctor though.

    By the way, you’re so lucky to be able to meet Matt Smith! That’s awesome! I wish I had all of the opportunities that you have.

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