The epic Interview

Hi, so this week I interviewed an actor from two of the Doctor Who episodes. His name is Damian Samuels he played Arthur Lloyd(cool name!!) in The empty child and The doctor dances. Here is the interview

 What was it like in Doctor Who?
It’s always exciting getting an acting job, this felt like just another job at first, as Doctor Who hadn’t been on the televison for years and so there were very low expectations of what it might be like. It wasn’t until I was doing the table read ( The first readthrough of the script) with all the actors that I suddenly realised how amazing this could be. Christopher Ecclestone was incredible with Billie Piper and it was Captain Jacks first ever episode. It was all Steven Moffats first ever Doctor Who script so there was real excitement in the room and you felt like you were part of something that could be really special.
I have also done a couple of Doctor Who conventions and it amazes me how popular the episodes I were in are.
What was it like to meet the Doctor?
I only had one very short scene with The Doctor but he was a very nice chap.
Did you like your time there and why?
They treated me very well – lovely hotel in Cardiff and nice food, plus I got paid well. Everyone was very friendly so it was a good job!!
Where was it filmed?
It was filmed on location in Cardiff ( the outdoor scenes) and the interiors in Mr LLoyds House were in the Doctor Who Studio in Cardiff.
How long did it take to make one episode?
I was only there for my scenes, but as it was two episodes they were spread out into 2 filming blocks. I think we did the readthrough in late November and then filmed the exterior scenes a couple of weeks later and then the interior scenes in early January.
How many lines did you have?
I think it was only about 10 or 12.
 Did you get to go in the Tardis ?
When I was in the studio  – I did ask to have a look at the inside and outside of The Tardis but as security was very tight and it was the first series  and nobody had even seen The Tardis at the point- I wasn’t allowed to take any photos.(MEAN!!)
What were your lines?
All I remember is… 
“ Middle of Dinner Every Night, Bloomin Germans Don’t they Eat?///Don’t You Eat”
“The Police are on their way….I pay for the food on this table, the sweat on my brow that food is, the sweat on my brow…Any thing else you’d like? I’ve got a whole house here…?”
What companion did the Doctor have when you were in the episode?
 Rose – played by Billie Piper.
this is Damian (Arthur Lloyd) i know him because he is my Uncle’s friend. 

 Thanks for reading and a special thank you to Damian Samuels for answering my questions. See ya ;-0






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