The day of the Doctor

Yo, sorry I haven’t done a post lately i have been very busy i was in cardiff two weeks ago and I was a my uncle’s house last week so I haven’t had time to do a blog post. But what did you think of the episode on saturday it was epic. Every doctor was in it even (drum roll please) Peter Capaldi in his tardis even Billie Piper (Rose) they were in it  all in it to save Galifray from the Daleks (which is still somewhere in the universe but the Doctor doesn’t know where it is) I was at my uncle’s house when i was watching it whilst having dominos pizza (YUM!!) Oh the links are articles that i found so check those out there are some good facts in them and if in this post we could hit 1,000 readers and at least 30 comments that would be epic. So hopefully  see you next week bye!


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