sorry chrismas count down

yo, whats up it’s Arty sorry i haven’t been writing my grand parents came round and I had to entertain them. But first things first the answerer and the first person to put the right answerer is Helix45 which is a hot air ballon

Today’s question is about the Snowmen the best so fare it’s about a man who is genetically making living snowmen and a living ice lady to rule the world so basically the usual stuff. The question is What is the name of the great intelligence?

So if you are new put the answerer in the comments and please check out my friends blog

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Count down to Doctor Who christmas special

Hello,so this time I’m going to do a little count down to the Christmas special. ¬†Every day I will have a little question for you to leave the answer in the comments. Today the question is going to be about the 2008 christmas special the Next Doctor.

That episode was about a man who’s brain had been taken by Cybermen (they are people who have been encased in a big metal suit with all their emotions removed) and he thinks that he is the Doctor. Then the doctor came because he found out that the Cybermen were there attacking and upgrading the people of Victorian London. They were trying to upgrade ¬†people in a cemetery then both the fake and the real Doctor came to help and that’s how they met.

I loved this episode because the fake doctor had really silly thing as tools compared to the real Doctor and he had a great type of Tardis.

So my question is what type of vehicle was his Tardis?


monster favorites


Whats up? This is a special post about people’s favourite monster and what do they do so like do they delete all emotions or can they shape shift in to people.My favourite monster is the Silence because they can make you forget all about them which is epic plus they shoot lighting bolts at you.So please leave your favourite monster in the comments. That would be nice and I will put three of them in my next post.thanks for reading see you later bye.

Christmas doctor who


Time of the doctor

Yo so in this post i will be telling you all about the up coming christmas doctor who episode,Time Of The Doctor,something tells me in the poster there will be Cybermen returning to upgrade the human race.Plus i found out that there are two more monsters the Daleks and the Weeping Angels retuning DELETE!! That will be epic for everyone all of the doctor’s worst enemies in one big episode.SPOOKY what will happen we will have to wait and see till next time see ya.