Count down to Doctor Who christmas special

Hello,so this time I’m going to do a little count down to the Christmas special. ¬†Every day I will have a little question for you to leave the answer in the comments. Today the question is going to be about the 2008 christmas special the Next Doctor.

That episode was about a man who’s brain had been taken by Cybermen (they are people who have been encased in a big metal suit with all their emotions removed) and he thinks that he is the Doctor. Then the doctor came because he found out that the Cybermen were there attacking and upgrading the people of Victorian London. They were trying to upgrade ¬†people in a cemetery then both the fake and the real Doctor came to help and that’s how they met.

I loved this episode because the fake doctor had really silly thing as tools compared to the real Doctor and he had a great type of Tardis.

So my question is what type of vehicle was his Tardis?