Christmas doctor who


Time of the doctor

Yo so in this post i will be telling you all about the up coming christmas doctor who episode,Time Of The Doctor,something tells me in the poster there will be Cybermen returning to upgrade the human race.Plus i found out that there are two more monsters the Daleks and the Weeping Angels retuning DELETE!! That will be epic for everyone all of the doctor’s worst enemies in one big episode.SPOOKY what will happen we will have to wait and see till next time see ya.


BBC studio dalek trip

Hi! ok so on saturday I went to the BBC studios in London and in the entrance there was a real dalek from the show. It was epic I don’t know if the public can go to see it but if they can……. go see it!!!!!!!!.

So this time lets see if we can get 120 views and a few comments so thanks and bye