Happy new year interview Richard Arnold

What’s up and a Happy New Year! I found out that the Christmas Doctor Who episode was the most watched TV programme at Christmas. It was amazing when all the monsters returned and The Silence helped the Doctor, even when the crack in time and space returned. It was amazing. Sadly the head of the Cybermen died. He was very loyal to the Doctor.

The most amazing bit was when Clara went through the Time Vortex outside the Tardis and when the crack gave the Doctor a final (?) regeneration to save the planet Trenzalore from every alien and  every planet and universe. There was a little twist because the Weeping Angels returned and I know you are all thinking that they were destroyed by the Doctor accept one, but apparently not…

Now for the fun bit, the interview. This time we have a person who has met loads of people from Doctor Who including Matt Smith (Doctor 11), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), David Tennant (Doctor 10), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Peter Davison (Doctor 5), Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) and Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara).

He is my Godfather/Uncle. His name is Richard Arnold and he works at Daybreak as their Showbiz presenter on ITV. Here is the interview!

1) How did you feel when you met one of the Doctors for the first time?

The first one I met was Peter Davison and I was very in awe because I grew up watching him on TV. He was an utter gentleman and was very gracious when I asked him loads of questions. He is proof positive that when you have played the Doctor it is a huge privilege and a great legacy. He was hugely proud of his part in the show.

2) Who is your favourite companion that you have met?

Jenna Louise Coleman is so skippy to be starring in Doctor Who at such an incredible time in the show’s history. She adores Matt Smith and their chemistry was obvious from the very first scene. I got the impression that she couldn’t quite believe her luck. She is a gem. Karen was  fabulously eccentric and equally infectious to be around when she was talking about Doctor Who. I once hosted a TV show and we had the actual Tardis in the studio – I even got to go inside. What a treat! It was matched only by the fact I got to interview the late Elizabeth Sladen that day, who played Sarah Jane. She was astonished that Doctor Who and Sarah Jane were still so popular.

3) What was one of the questions you asked Matt Smith?

I asked him how he felt about being the incumbent Doctor during the show’s 50th anniversary year. He told me it was a huge responsibility but a massive thrill. What I remember most is how much he loved the fans of the show and how he wanted to do them and the Doctor proud. The fact that millions of people tuned in from around the world on the night of the 50th says everything you need to know.

4) What was David Tennant like?

David is the Doctor personified. When ever you meet him he is such fantastic company you want to live on his planet!

So yeah that was my Uncle Richard Arnold (he is epic) see you next time and a happy new year!

P.S:  Sorry I’m in France with bad Wi-Fi so blogging is quite hard! 


The day of the Doctor

Yo, sorry I haven’t done a post lately i have been very busy i was in cardiff two weeks ago and I was a my uncle’s house last week so I haven’t had time to do a blog post. But what did you think of the episode on saturday it was epic. Every doctor was in it even (drum roll please) Peter Capaldi in his tardis even Billie Piper (Rose) they were in it  all in it to save Galifray from the Daleks (which is still somewhere in the universe but the Doctor doesn’t know where it is) I was at my uncle’s house when i was watching it whilst having dominos pizza (YUM!!) Oh the links are articles that i found so check those out there are some good facts in them and if in this post we could hit 1,000 readers and at least 30 comments that would be epic. So hopefully  see you next week bye!

Google game

Hi dudes,this time I will be talking about a game which you can play at google search. This game has been specially made for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode which is tomorrow YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!.What happens in the the game is you can chose a doctor to play as and control him to get every letter in the word google you have to pull leaver dodge Daleks (don’t play it on a iPad or iPhone it’s so hard) But something really cool is my mum saw Peter Capaldi in marks and Spencer’s(EPIC!!!!!!)I was so very jealous because I was doing homework(BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Thanks for reading AIG